Our Services .

Our lean consulting services by CPS can assist you in achieving savings and increase profits by 25% by eliminating waste and process improvements continuously on journey to excellence. We leverage Lean tools for Operational Excellence that will help:

▶ Reduction in conversion costs by 20%

▶ Improve Manpower productivity by 30%

▶ Reduction in NVA by 30%

▶ Improve Floor Space Index by 30%

▶ Inventory Optimization by 30%

We take traditional consulting a step further. Apart from giving only Lean solution we work alongside your team and implement so that you receive detailed instructions on where to go next, how long it will take and what the ROI is. Sustenance is our forte, we take sustenance as one of foremost priority in our Lean Model for achieving Operational Excellence. This makes clients to retain the improvements carried out and move further to achieve Breakthrough solutions.

How does it help? .

Changing for the better is acceptable and effective when done in a systematic manner rather than making drastic alterations to tried-and-tested ways of working overnight! Implementing Lean in manufacturing facilities result in:

▶ Reduction of Idle time – both men and machines optimally utilized

▶ Reduction of Excess Inventory – bringing down holding costs

▶ Enhanced Quality of Deliverables

▶ Optimal capacity utilization

▶ Elimination of waste – time, effort and material

▶ Improved employee morale and productivity

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing improvement of products, services & processes through breakthrough improvements

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Operational Excellence

Every employee can see, deliver and improve the flow of value to a customer

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Various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business processes

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Process of converting information into a digital (i.e. computer-readable) format

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Lean Training

Systematic approach to reduce or eliminate activities that don't add value to the process

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